About This Car

The ’62 Thunderbird mild custom is a real head turner.
With its suede paint job that’s complimented with a heavy metalflake green roof and rumbling V8 you’ll soon see why this car has won so many trophies in the last five years.

The car, which also featured on the Hot Rod Revue DVD documentary, is widely regarded as New Zealand’s best mild custom. This is a great photo shoot and music video car, it really sells itself.

With its classic style and shaved lines, complimented by the stunning colour combination, what could be a more perfect car to use for a retro photo shoot or for your wedding photos? You may even just want to surprise your friends or partner on a special day with a ride.

The 1962 Ford Thunderbird is a four-seater cruiser. It has good ground clearance (when lifted) so is generally suitable for most locations.

Please always check in ahead of time to ensure we can get the car onto its ‘stage’, so to speak.

The dimensions of the car are 5210mm long, 1930mm wide and 1320mm high.

The weight of the car empty is 1950kgs.

The car is available in the Auckland area but should it be required elsewhere around New Zealand we can quote transport and accommodation costs to get it to your area. We will aim to make every request possible to meet your requirements.

Ford Thunderbird ‘ROCKETBIRD’



Ford Thunderbird


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