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The Ford GT is a 2 seater American super car. It’s dimensions are 1950mm wide and 4640mm long and it has reasonably low clearances so if you are booking it for a location that is out of the ordinary please check in ahead of time to ensure we can get the car onto its ‘stage’ so to speak.
The Ford GT began as a concept car designed in anticipation of the automaker’s centennial year .Carroll Shelby was brought in by Ford to help develop the car; which included performance testing of the prototype car. The GT is similar in outward appearance to the original Ford GT40, but bigger, wider, and most importantly 3in (76mm) taller than the original 40in (100cm).

Due to this cars racing heritage it is a good candidate for Motorsport related events or advertising. You may even just want to surprise your friend, Husband or Wife on a special day with one of our Drive Experiences. Remember we don’t offer ‘self drive’ options though.

The GT launches from 0-100kph in just 3.5 seconds and it has a top speed that is electronically limited to 330kph! The car is featured on the cover of the video game Gran Turismo 4 and Need for Speed: ProStreet, as well as being used in the Transformers: Alternators toyline showing it has been and still is an excellent marketing tool. The GT won Top Gear’s ‘Gas Guzzler’ of the Year award in 2005 and finished production in 2006 with a total number built of 4,038.
The car is available in the Auckland area but should it be required elsewhere around New Zealand we can quote transport and accommodation costs to get it to your area. We will aim to make every request possible to meet your requirements.

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