About This Car

The Viper is a 2 seater muscle car. It’s dimensions are 1925mm wide and 4550mm long and it has reasonably low clearances so if you are booking it for a location that is out of the ordinary please check in ahead of time to ensure we can get the car onto its ‘stage’ so to speak. The car has an open roof for summertime and a hardtop during wintertime. The open roof allows for some creative photography when used for Wedding shoots or advertising/TV use.

Vipers are never seen on the road in NZ so it is a great draw card to use for shows and events where you want to increase foot traffic. You may even just want to surprise your friend or partner on a special day with one of our Ride Experiences. Remember we don’t offer ‘self drive’ options though.

This Dodge Viper RT/10 is a second generation Viper. Despite its similar outward appearance to the Gen 1, the car is very different under the hood. Modifications included a reworked engine with higher power and less weight, a redesigned chassis that was made 27 kgs lighter which allows the car to reach 100kph in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 304kph. The car is available in the Auckland area but should it be required elsewhere around New Zealand we can quote transport and accommodation costs to get it to your area. We will aim to make every request possible to meet your requirements.

Dodge Viper RT/10



Dodge Viper RT/10


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