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The Star of the hit time travelling trilogy Back to the Future (also staring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd), the DeLorean Time Machine flashed onto the big screen back in good old 1985 and is still turning heads 30 years later in the year they actually travelled to in the “FUTURE”…. 2015. Yes this year is that year!

What could be a more perfect attraction to feature in your next event or to promote your new product than our DeLorean Time Machine replica? You may even just want to surprise your friends or partner on a special day. Remember we don’t offer ‘self drive’ options though.

The 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine is a 2 seater sports car. It has very low clearances so if you are booking it for a location that is out of the ordinary please check in ahead of time to ensure we can get the car onto its ‘stage’ so to speak.

The car is as screen accurate as possible right down the type of screws used.

The electronics inside the car work and sound just as they do in the movie. Well up to the actual Time Travel functionality as sadly Plutonium is still not available at your corner store. You can punch in your birth date or your wedding date or it could be a launch of product date into the Time circuits and then mock time travel to the date. Using the customizable dates you could set up a teaser to a launch date of your new product. (E.g. We can’t wait to get our hands on product X so we are travelling to the future now!!)

There are a variety of movie props replicas available to use with this car including the holographic-baseball cap, Self lacing shoes, Sports Almanac and all 5 hoverboards* shown in Back to the Future part 2.

The car is available in the Auckland area but should it be required elsewhere around New Zealand we can quote transport and accommodation costs to get it to your area. We will aim to make every request possible to meet your requirements.

* Disclaimer, our hoverboards don’t work on water

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