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  • Do the electronics in your TV and Movie cars do anything special or are they just static display lighting?

    The Electronics in the DeLorean Time Machine function exactly like they do in the movie including the sounds. Well except the actual time travel part! You can type in any date and set it into the time display then with the press of a special button you can trigger a mock time travel and watch the speedo ramp up to 88MPH which sets everything off inside the car including the Flux Capacitor, changes the dates, empties the plutonium chamber and ramps the speedo back down to zero.

    The K.I.T.T Trans Am has fully functioning dash, which displays the speed, revs, fuel level, oil temp and water temp etc. The remainder of the lights run in a demo style mode where everything is animated to simulate a computerized car. When Audio is played through the car stereo the K.I.T.T voice box flashes just like in the TV show. The GPS can be programmed with 150 name options and will speak your name (if it is in the list) followed by four welcome style intros. Watch the Video for more details.

  • Can I drive any of the cars you have at Hero Car Hire?

    Unfortunately not, the cars at Hero Car Hire are ‘chauffeur driven’.

  • Are all the cars available New Zealand wide?

    The short answer is YES, Hero Car Hire can arrange for any of the cars to be available for events throughout New Zealand however transportation and accommodation costs will need to be taken into account to get the car and driver to you.

  • Are all the Movie and TV cars featured on Hero Car Hire the ones actually used in the Movies and TV shows?

    No, the cars featured on Hero Car Hire are high quality ‘screen accurate’ replicas.

  • How do I work out what my desired event will cost?

    Prices vary depending on a number of variables. For example: Vehicle, Your location, the nature of event, the time required etc. We tailor the Hero Car experience around your needs. If you would like a price please email us or call 021 744 216 for a quote.

  • I want to use one of your cars in a Music Video/TV/Movie where the actor will be required to drive the car. Is this possible?

    Depending on the vehicle required this can often be made possible provided the client includes appropriate insurance cover. Please contact us to discuss.

  • Can I drink alcohol or smoke in any of the Cars?

    No, all cars are non-smoking and alcohol must not be consumed in any of the cars but we do allow a ‘champagne toast’ photo opportunity at weddings.

  • I have a TV/Movie car. Can I be part of Hero Car Hire?

    Please contact us; we are always on the lookout for new and exciting cars. If you think your vehicle might qualify please email us with relevant information, pictures and your full contact information.

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